Q: What is a faja?

A:The faja, Spanish for ‘girdle’, originated in Colombia, one of the planet’s cosmetic surgery hubs.  Following surgery, doctors prescribe its use to reduce swelling and make sure affected skin tightens correctly on their patients. However, the medical use extended to the general female population as women realized that the faja could also serve to accentuate their natural curves. The faja is for anyone and everyone.


Q: What are the benefits of wearing a faja/shaper?

A:The faja is used to help achieve that “hour glass” shape. Wearing a Colombian faja gradually moves the organs in the body down in a safe way while also bringing the bottom or “floating” ribs in and closer together resulting in a smaller waist. In addition, the faja strengthens your posture and lower back muscles, helps to reduce appetite and when worn while working out can help to burn fat with a thermal effect on the abdomen.


Q: How long will it take to receive my faja.

A: Fajas generally 3-4 days domestically. We try and ship your order 1-2 days after its processed.


My Faja doesn't fit, can I exchange it?

Seamless fajas you can not exchange. Everything else you have 15 days to exchange. Refer to our refund and exchange policy for details!


Q: Do I need a faja after surgery?

A: Fajas, lipo foams and abdominal boards help your body heal after surgery and cause your skin to tighten to create the final results of your procedure. It is important to wear them as instructed and keep them clean in order to prevent infections and to create ideal results. Contact us for more information.


Q:  Is wearing a faja safe?

A: Yes wearing a faja is safe. It will not damage your organs when used correctly and wearing the right size. Don't just take our word for it. Here is a doctors advice on wearing a faja.


Q: Are my results permanent?

A: Think about the faja as a mouth retainer -  braces will straighten your teeth over time and then be removed when your teeth are straight, but in order to maintain them you need wear a retainer at night - the faja is very similar. Once you receive your desired results you will not have to wear it as much. However it is recommended to wear it daily for shorter periods of time.